What does it mean when I upload my files and InstantDFM 'times out' and is unable to process results?

If InstantDFM times out in your browser or you receive an email that states "We Were Unable To Process Your InstantDFM Results", typically one of two things has happened:

Most likely, the files you have attempted to upload do not meet the requirements. Your files must be compressed RS-274X (Gerber), Gerber X2 or ODB++ files in a .ZIP or .RAR format.

If you're confident that your files meet these requirements and you're still having difficulty receiving proper results, then it's possible that there may be an issue with the InstantDFM tool itself and we recommend you contact BAC for support.

During periods of heavy usage, it's also possible that InstantDFM may 'time out' in your web browser, but in these instances, you should still receive an email with a link to your results once your files have successfully processed (approximately 10-15 minutes).

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