I've submitted my files to InstantDFM and received a "Caution" remark. Does this mean there's a problem with my design and it can't be manufactured?

Hopefully, when you submit your files using InstantDFM you received a message that states "Great news! No issues were identified with your design and you're ready to submit for manufacturing."

But, what if you get a message that states "Caution! We've identified some issues that you may want to address before submitting your design for manufacturing. Please review the remarks below and contact us if you would like more detail on how to address these potential issues."?

Does this mean your design has an issue that must be corrected before it can be manufactured? Absolutely not!

However, InstantDFM does try to identify areas which may fall below our standard, allowed tolerances. While this doesn't mean your design can't be manufactured, it may mean that you could incur higher manufacturing costs.

If there's ever any doubt about a caution remark reported by InstantDFM, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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