How can I reorder from the Bay Area Circuits online store?

If you've previously placed an order with the Bay Area Circuits online store ( and would like to reorder the same product (with the same design data), there's a simple way to do this! Follow these steps:

1. Login to your account at (see "My Account" at the top of the screen)

2. Select "View Order Status" and select the "Reorder" button next to the order you wish to reorder.

3. Make any desired adjustments to the quantity and select the "Update Quantity" button below.

4. Finally, select "Proceed to Checkout" and complete your purchase.


Note: You do not need to provide us with the design data to utilize the reorder function. We will utilize the same data as used with the previous order.  As a matter of fact, if you do need to make a data change, then do not use the reorder function; instead, place a new order using the revised data.


Uh Oh! Is the reorder function not working? It may be because the product option selected has been changed since you last ordered. For example, we recently added a new option for 'material thickness' to our Weekend Warrior and Golden Gate products. Unfortunately you won't be able to reorder using the process described above, and instead will need to place a new order with options selected. If you have any difficulty or need additional assistance, we're here to help!

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